Woodland Manicure

After a few months of letting my nails recover from acrylics (I’ve been letting them breathe and taking ‘hair, nail and skin’ vitamins. Also using Sally Hansen cuticle cream), they’re ready for show!
The indent from the acrylics has finally grown out. Still going to grow my nails some more I think, but here’s where we are at!
Woodland theme with fox accent. Dotted tree leaves.


Spring Butterfly!

Quaint spring mani! With jeweled butterfly!

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Trying to cute my gel

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Have it a gel top coat

Mani looks 10 times better with the beautiful gel finishing!

Sushi Nails!

Had a going away Japanese dinner last week! Blinged up the nails appropriately!

Pop art!

Popart Nails!

And i LOVE them with a matte finish!

Dots, dots and dots.

Mix Match mani for a wedding attendee!
Orange and purple dotticure to set off a beautiful deep blue dress!